Sept 29, 2021: COVID Weekly Update

Information today on who qualifies for the booster, a national survey on vaccinations, and Brookings County mortality data.

Who qualifies for the COVID booster? 

CDC recommends the following groups of people receive a Pfizer booster/third shot six months after completing their Pfizer primary series (

  • 65 years and older & residents in long-term care settings 
  • 50–64 years of age with underlying medical conditions^ 
  • 18–49 years of age with underlying medical conditions^ based on their individual benefits and risks
  • 18-64 years of age and at increased risk for COVID-19 exposure & transmission because of the occupational or institutional setting and based on their individual benefits & risks.

It is expected that approval for Moderna and J&J boosters will be given in the next several weeks.  Boosters for these vaccines are already available for immunosuppressed people. 

^ Underlying medical conditions can be found at: (overweight & obesity are listed medical conditions, 71% of South Dakotans would qualify [])

US Survey on Vaccinations

A US survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that seven in ten (72%) US adults reported having received at least one COVID-19 vaccine ( Two percent say they will get vaccinated as soon as possible, and 7% want to “wait and see” how the vaccine works for others before getting it themselves.  Four percent say they will get vaccinated only if required for work, school, or other activities, while 12% say they will “definitely not” get the vaccine.

Brookings County Mortality Data

Weekly Updates

A few highlights: 

  • Mobility data were updated this week and indicate that South Dakotans have returned to “normal,” with a slightly higher number of visits to non-residential locations.
  • All counties with the ten most populated cities have weekly rates greater than 100 new cases/100,000 population (highest level of spread defined by CDC and SDDOH).  The CDC recommends universal indoor masking for any county with substantial or high spread, defined as more than 50 new cases per week per 100,000 population. 
  • Brookings County had fewer new cases, actives cases, and lower test positivity this week compared to last week – all good signs.  However, hospitalizations increased.

Brookings County (highest level of spread)

  • 4,919 total cases:  81 new cases this week (high spread) vs. 130 in the previous week:
    • 30 (37%) were under 20 years of age (vs. 46% last week)
    • 28 (34%) were 20-39 years (vs. 28% last week)
    • 16 (20%) were 40-59 years (vs. 12% last week)
    • 7 (9%) were 60 years or older (vs. 14% last week)
  • Since August 25th, the largest increases in the percentage of cases have been in the 0-9 year (38% increase) and 10-19 year (18% increase) age groups. However, the largest increase in the number of cases has been in the 20-29 year age group (n=127).
  • 264 active cases (279 last week)
  • Test positivity (PCR) this past week was 7% compared to 11% last week.  Ideally, you want this below 5%, and the lower, the better.  A high percentage indicates there are likely many more cases out there – get tested if you have been exposed or have symptoms.
  • There were 4 new hospital admissions among Brookings County residents in the past week vs. 2 in the previous week.  Brookings Hospital currently has 3 COVID hospitalized patients.  In Sioux Falls, Avera has 32 COVID-occupied beds (13 ICU) and Sanford has 43 (13 ICU).
  • There were no new deaths reported among Brookings County residents this past week. 
  • The percentage of people vaccinated did not increase much this past week, with 45% of Brookings County fully vaccinated vs. 44% of South Dakotans (similar percentages as last week).

South Dakota (highest level of spread)

  • 144,546 cases: 2,801 new cases this week vs. 2,885 in the previous week:
    • 27% were under 20 years of age (vs. 28% last week)
    • 29% were 20-39 years (vs. 30% last week)
    • 23% were 40-59 years (vs. 25% last week)
    • 21% were 60 years or older (vs. 17% last week)
  • 7,461 active cases (7,714 last week)
  • Test positivity (PCR) this past week was 14% – similar to 14% last week.  Ideally, you want this below 5%, and the lower, the better. 
  • 134 people were admitted to in-state hospitals this week vs. 144 last week:  
    • 5 (4%) were aged less than 20 years (vs. 3% last week) – NOTE:  All five patients were less than 10 years of age
    • 28 (21%) were 20-39 years (vs. 11% last week)
    • 33 (25%) were 40-59 years (vs. 26% last week)
    • 68 (51%) were 60 years of age and older (vs. 60% last week)
  • 205 people currently hospitalized vs. 226 hospitalized last week (57 currently in the ICU vs. 65 last week)
  • 2,133 deaths:  24 deaths reported this week vs. 16 in the previous week: 
    • 1 was 20-39 years
    • 10 were 40-59 years
    • 13 were 60 years of age and older


  • 44.05 million cases:  812,523 new cases this week vs. 954,097 in the previous week
  • 711,222 total deaths:  14,355 deaths this week vs. 14,526 in the previous week 


  • 233.5 million cases: 3.24 million cases this week vs. 3.65 million in the previous week
  • 4.77 million deaths: 56,459 deaths this week vs. 60,011 in the previous week 

Give a big thanks to health care workers – they deserve it.

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