Sept 8, 2021: COVID Weekly Update

Pediatric cases, county rankings and the weekly update today. 

The following is a graph from a joint report titled “Children and COVID-19” from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association (

A few thoughts about these data:

  • The percentages of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths among the pediatric population have increased significantly based on data from August of 2020 and August of 2021.  These increases are likely due to the higher vaccination rates among the adult population than the pediatric population (less than 19 years) and the rapid spread among unvaccinated people.
  • The overall and pediatric case fatality rates (CFR) can be calculated using the above data.  For all ages, the CFR dropped from 1.59% in 2020 to 1.16% in 2021, possibly due to vaccinations, while for pediatric CFR has remained about .009% (.0089% in 2020 to .0096% in 2021).
  • These data indicate that as the number of cases increase, so does the number of hospitalizations and deaths, even in the pediatric population, which has a low risk of death.

County Rankings:

This week’s updates:

A few notes:

  • On August 4th, none of the ten counties in South Dakota with the most populated cities had a high level of community spread.  Today, all of them do.
  • I changed the date axis on the K-12 and higher ed slide to be the last day of the week the data were collected rather than the date the data were posted on the dashboard (Wednesdays)
  • The number of deaths in the US from COVID will exceed the total number of deaths from the influenza pandemic of 1918 sometime this week.

Brookings County (high level of spread)

  • 4,582 total cases:  70 new cases this week (high spread) vs. 94 in the previous week:
    • 16 (23%) were under 20 years of age
    • 37 (53%) were 20-39 years
    • 9 (13%) were 40-59 years
    • 8 (11%) were 60 years or older
  • 187 active cases (163 last week)
  • Test positivity (PCR) this past week was 9% compared to 11% last week.  Ideally, you want this below 5%, and the lower, the better.  A high percentage indicates there are likely many more cases out there – get tested if you have been exposed or have symptoms.
  • There were 2 new hospital admissions among Brookings County residents in the past week vs. 4 in the previous week.  Brookings Hospital currently has 1 COVID hospitalized patient.  In Sioux Falls, Avera has 26 COVID-occupied beds (13 ICU) and Sanford has 54 (12 ICU).
  • There were no new deaths reported among Brookings County residents this past week. 
  • The percentage of people vaccinated did not increase much this past week, with 44% of Brookings County fully vaccinated vs. 43% of South Dakotans (similar percentages as last week).

South Dakota (high level of spread)

  • 135,538 cases: 2,701 new cases this week vs. 2,971 in the previous week:
    • 699 (26%) were under 20 years of age
    • 896 (33%) were 20-39 years
    • 598 (22%) were 40-59 years
    • 508 (19%) were 60 years or older
  • 6,570 active cases (5,370 last week)
  • Test positivity (PCR) this past week was 15% compared to 16% last week.  Ideally, you want this below 5%, and the lower, the better. 
  • 141 residents admitted to in-state hospitals this week vs. 118 last week:  
    • 1 (<1%) was aged less than 20 years
    • 22 (16%) were 20-39 years
    • 39 (28%) were 40-59 years
    • 79 (56%) were 60 years of age and older
  • 210 people currently hospitalized vs. 229 hospitalized last week (68 currently in the ICU vs. 78 last week)
  • 2,077 deaths: 8 deaths reported this week vs. 10 in the previous week: 
    • 1 was 20-39 years
    • 2 were 40-59 years
    • 7 were 60 years of age and older


  • 42.20 million cases:  1.09 million new cases this week vs. 1.14 million in the previous week
  • 669,022 total deaths: 11,112 deaths this week vs. 9,749 in the previous week 


  • 222.7 million cases: 4.21 million cases this week vs. 4.56 million in the previous week
  • 4.57 million deaths: 65,872 deaths this week vs. 68,633 in the previous week 

Just a reminder:

The current Delta variant spreads more efficiently than previous variants, and all national and international public health agencies now recommend non-pharmaceutical interventions and vaccinations to control the increased spread.  Non-pharmaceutical interventions include:

  • Masking indoors in areas of substantial or high transmission (that includes South Dakota)
  • Socially distancing
  • Practicing good personal hygiene (washing hands often, covering coughs & sneezes, cleaning & disinfecting, monitoring your health)
  • Avoiding crowds & poorly ventilated spaces or spaces with inadequate air filtration

And probably the most important thing – be kind to yourself & others.

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