October 10, 2020 Data Report

On Sept. 21st I discussed the time course of COVID (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5D4EY_u0wU&feature=youtu.be).  In that video, based on the time course and age distribution of cases, it could be predicted that deaths would increase significantly the end of September through mid-October. That has happened, with a total of 84 deaths since September 21st.  

What state and health care systems need to be worried about based on the age distribution of cases since then is that new hospitalizations and deaths are likely to continue increasing daily for at least the next month, and well into the winter if this outbreak is not controlled.  

It is time to look at the data and the facts. 

So, on that note, here’s today’s report:


  • 42 new cases (total = 949)
  • 149 active cases (highest it has been since September 12th)
  • Percent test positivity (7-day average) = 25%
  • 1 new hospitalization for a total of 18 individuals ever hospitalized
  • No new deaths (total = 2)

South Dakota:  

  • 732 new cases (total = 27,947)
  • 5,533 actives cases (new record high 4th day in a row)
  • Percent test positivity (7-day average) = 26%
  • 47 new hospitalizations for a total of 1,829 individuals ever hospitalized (new record high for 7-day average of 31 hospitalizations per day)
  • 9 new deaths (total = 286)
  • 38 deaths in the past week is greater than the median number of deaths per year (n=32) from the flu over the past decade
  • 86 deaths in the past three weeks is greater than the 73 deaths that occurred in 2017 during the worst flu outbreak in South Dakota that occurred in the past decade

Stay safe and be aware of the facts.

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