Data reports for worldwide, national, and South Dakota COVID-19 data. Once a week I try to give an Epi 101 Mini-Lesson to clarify misunderstandings that are out there. Check the archives if you want to see mini-lessons from previous weeks and contact me if you would like a particular topic covered.

Sept 15, 2021: COVID Weekly Update

It might be a good time to review variants before the weekly data update. Below are summaries of how the CDC classifies variants, which are considered variants of interest and variants of concern, and some information on the Delta and Mu variants. Update on Variants Understanding Variants: Viruses constantly change through mutations & variants emergeContinue reading “Sept 15, 2021: COVID Weekly Update”

Sept 8, 2021: COVID Weekly Update

Pediatric cases, county rankings and the weekly update today.  The following is a graph from a joint report titled “Children and COVID-19” from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association ( A few thoughts about these data: The percentages of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths among the pediatric population have increased significantlyContinue reading “Sept 8, 2021: COVID Weekly Update”

Sept 8: Brookings COVID School Plan

These appeared in today’s Brookings Register ( and summarize my opinion on what is going on with the Brookings COVID School Plan: Bobcat Tracks Revision Needs to Be Thrown Out For those of you who have not seen it, it is worth looking at the new Brookings School District COVID-19 Bobcat Tracks Plan (  ItContinue reading “Sept 8: Brookings COVID School Plan”


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